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Bywater, Marigny

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Religious Institutions

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French Quarter/Jackson Square

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Foreign Ports of Call

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Alvin Jones Prayer Candle

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City Park, New Orleans

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US Cities

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New Orleans Cityscapes

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Brian Plauche New Orleans (BPNola) Photographs and Photography was established in 2006 in preparation for my retirement. I was given my first camera in the late 1970s by my father. This was the beginning of my interest in photography.

For many years my position with the Federal Government interfered with my photography. The invention of the digital camera not only renewed my interest in photography, but has given me the interest which will carry me through my retirement years and hopefully provide additional income.

I am always searching for photography classes throughout the city of New Orleans. I have taken numerous classes at Lakeside Camera and Imaging and Bennett’s Camera and have maintained enrollment at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts (NOAFA) since 2007. I have had several pieces of work selected to be shown in the Student Art Show at the NOAFA.

In addition to my website, you can also view my photographs on my Facebook page:
Brian Plauche New Orleans (BPNola) Photographs and Photography

I would like to give thanks to local New Orleans photographers Harold Baquet, Zack Smith, Victoria Ryan and Grey Cross who have given me a world of information, knowledge and inspiration and ways to see New Orleans and the world in a much different eye.

Brian J Plauche’
BPNOLA Photographs and Photography
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